ICU Care Box Refill at Bir Hospital ICU

January 1, 2016. Every year patients needlessly lose their lives in an ICU in Nepal just because they cannot afford to buy essential drugs and medical equipment required for their treatment. To compound matters, in an emergency situation, health care workers will order the required equipment and medications,but then the patient’s family must leave the ICU to retrieve, pay for, and return with the supplies to ICU which costs precious minutes in a life and death situation.

To improve timely and equitable access to lifesaving treatments, NCCDF is pioneering the NCCDF ICU Care Box. This box is a collection of essential medical equipment and supplies located within the ICU for rapid access in an emergency situation. Patients will be asked to replenish the supplies after the emergency has passed. For those unable to afford replenishment, the supplies will be a donation for their care.

Today, we refilled the Care Box at Bir Hospital ICU. During the past four months we have been able to support 42 patients with the much needed drugs and equipment.

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