Aims & Objectives

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The foundation will seek to achieve the following objectives:

  • To develop Critical Care Medicine as a separate speciality in Nepal and develop specialised human resources to achieve the same.


  • To analyse the availability of Critical Care Medicine Services and increase the facility thus providing further care to help more patients.


  • Help academic institutions and professional organisations to providing Short Term Trainings, Courses, Diplomas, Fellowships, to the nursing staff, medical officers, residents, graduates and postgraduate degree holders in Critical Care Medicine.


  • Organising and coordinating different Continuing Medical Education (CME), seminars, group discussions and information dissemination on various topics toupdate the recent advances in Critical Care Medicine.


  • Bring together the health care personnel involved in Critical Care Medicine in Nepal and seek to provide the Continuous Medical Education and trainings.


  • Forming collaboration with hospitals in Nepal and abroad and providing opportunities for observer-ship/electives/Volunteer Work to those individual coming from abroad.